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Be the change you want to see most in this world

As time goes on, the things that we know change. We change as well. Sometimes we change just to accommodate change other times we change to become something more than what we are. It is only when we change ourselves to be something more do we cause the change to make others adapt to us.

Many of us were raised with high moral ideals, yet few of us actually practice them. We often like to believe that for some reason there is something that makes us different. Why wouldn’t we, when society has told us all we are unique and special. If we are all so unique why are we all so damn similar? Believing we are unique is actually different than being unique.

To be unique, is to master or at least start to master one’s own will . It is taking responsibility for our actions and then accepting consequences. It is leaving a juvenile outlook we have on this world and beginning to consciously instill our own influence. It was our ancestors who are responsible for past wars, brilliant inventions, and the morals and views we hold today.

Take one moment to observe who or what you would be without society, try to realize where you would be if you had the ability to be raised biased free. Thinking this is not an easy thing to do. Look upon the history of your area, look at the series of events that may have lead to place you where you are now. It is from here that you can begin to make the changes you want. “Act locally, think globally.” There is great meaning to this message that goes beyond the obvious.

Everything is connected, the smallest reaction or action to something causes, an equal or greater reaction. This is an amazing start of understanding that we are all connected. Destroying the environment, enabling slave labor, dividing classes, all are trying to enforce separatism. We are all connected, and even the smallest event affects things our small minds cannot understand. When you understand that your actions hold influence over the world, you begin to get a grasp of the power you have to change things. Do you think that the implementation of electricity has not influenced us? Were Tesla and Edison gods? No, they were human just like us. They had a fire of will and determination to persevere. You may not be an Edison or a Tesla but your actions now no matter how small can influence our future. All you have to do is step outside your comfort zone and effect change.

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