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Artifacts and Treasures of Paramahansa Yogananda’s Self-Realization Fellowship

It has been near a decade since I first read The Autobiography of a Yogi. I didn’t know it at the time but like many others before me this book would be a book that changed my life. The contents of the book tell the story of a young boy who travels the world in the name of devotion to his divine calling. The culmination, some may argue, to write his life in a book. It is this curious telling of the life of Paramahansa that has brought so many people together. It is also what has kept me so motivated these past few years when I re-read the book. There is such power in the teachings of the yogis that I would be remiss not to share this unique opportunity with all of you.

Inspired by Guruji, a gentleman took it upon himself to collect those things related to his Guru’s life that were most dear to him with the purpose of helping to save the past. As with all things in this world he has had to part with much of this collection. A true and trusted friend helped him pay for his great medical expenses by purchasing his collection. Why am I taking the time to write this? Because this could be the last time such an amazing collection of items is ever together again and to give you the opportunity to carry a piece of history. There are many items of note in this collection but I have listed the most noteworthy below, with their basic descriptions. I am starting with the classic that is responsible for bringing many of us together.

1. AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI, 1ST LONDON EDITION, 1949, Rare Jacket; SIGNED & INSCRIBED by Paramahansa Yogananda. NEAR FINE Condition.

Note: Paramahansaji rarely had occasion to sign the London Edition, which came out less than 3 years before his passing while he was mostly in seclusion in the desert. That this volume was signed by him in Los Angeles makes it very rare and highly collectible.

Also adding to the historic value of this volume: the inscription is to Sri Deva Ram Sukul, the noted author & healer of the time, and President/Founding Director of the Yoga Institute of America. Mae West is famously known to have been healed by Sri Deva Ram Sukul.


Autobiography of a Yogi 1st Edition

Paramahansa'a Autograph



2. ORIGINAL, UN-RETOUCHED, PARAMAHANSA YOGANANDA STANDARD POSE PHOTOGRAPH (7″ X 9″), in its original mat from the photographer’s studio (12″ X 16″). SIGNED & INSCRIBED by “Swami Yogananda” on September 1st, 1934. Recently, tastefully framed with natural wood and UV Protective Glass (13.25″ X 17.25″).

This is THE iconic photograph of Paramahansa Yogananda that has been used on the cover of every edition of the Guru’s Autobiography — THE WAY IT ORIGINALLY LOOKED before being retouched prior to ever being published! If another one of these exists, it’s probably in the SRF Archives. This would be an ideal acquisition for a Self-Realization Fellowship Center or Meditation Group.

A more detailed description of this item is available from the seller upon request.

Paramahansa Yogananda's Photo Autographed

3. AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI, COMPLETE SET, 1946 Thru 1994 (21 Volumes), includes the First Paperback Edition, 1972. All in VERY GOOD, VERY GOOD+, FINE, and LIKE NEW Condition.

This set includes each and every variation of the American Autobiography editions that were ever offered for sale, through 1994. ALL volumes are in their Original Dust Jackets, where applicable (two late editions came without jackets). Originality of jackets was very carefully verified by analysis of minor changes that were made on the jackets from edition to edition and during editions, such as price, number of translated languages listed, lotus emblem size, various text adjustments, etc.

This set was assembled over the course of more than 25 years. It would be all but impossible to replicate it today. This would be an ideal acquisition for a Self-Realization Fellowship Center or Meditation Group.

A detailed description of each volume is available from the seller upon request.


Autobiography of a Yogi Collection

These Sets are truly outstanding — not only for their size and condition, but also for how thoroughly they have been documented (the documentation alone is spectacular!).

Note: There were 7 Sets originally; 3 are still available. ALL 3 Sets contain primarily Issues that are in Excellent and Very Good condition.

SET #3

229 Issues, starting with Volume 3/Issue 1 (Nov – Dec 1927), and ending with Volume 42/Issue 1 (Winter 1970) — not all-inclusive.

$14,530 ($63 per issue) REDUCED to $10,900 ($48 per issue)

Self Realization Fellowship Magazine Set 3

Self Realization Fellowship Magazine Set 3b

SET #4

201 Issues, starting with Volume 3/Issue 1 (Nov – Dec 1927), and ending with Volume 42/Issue 1 (Winter 1970) — not all-inclusive.

$11,475 ($57 per issue) REDUCED to $8,600 ($43 per issue)

SRF Magazine Set4

SRF Magazine set 4b

SET #5

151 Issues, starting with Volume 3/Issue 1 (Nov – Dec 1927), and ending with Volume 42/Issue 1 (Winter 1970) — not all-inclusive.

$ 7,485 ($50 per issue) REDUCED to $5,615 ($37 per issue)

Self Realization Fellowship Magazines

Any one of these Sets would be an ideal acquisition for a Self-Realization Fellowship Center or Meditation Group.

VERY detailed documentation is available from the seller upon request. Serious inquiries only, please.

5. INNER CULTURE EAST-WEST MAGAZINE, VINTAGE BOUND VOLUME. Includes 6 Issues: Nov, Dec, 1936; Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, 1937.

VERY GOOD+ condition. Magazines were bound when new and volume appears not to have been used.


SRF Inner Culture Hardbound Magazine

210D - IMG_3793

210E - IMG_3794


VERY GOOD condition.

Note: This top portion of the page has been cut off, no doubt just to save his signature.


Paramahansa Yogananda Autograph


1) “Particles of brick from wall of Sri Yukteswarji’s room where he had his Mahasamadhi.” 2) “Particles of brick that once upheld Sri Yukteswarji’s bed.” 3) “Sand from the beach at Puri; a favorite walk of Sri Yukteswarji’s”.

NOTE: This was collected by an SRF monk while on pilgrimage to India. He later gave portions to some of the other monks.


Sri Yuketswar Relic

All of these items are amazing pieces of history, and spiritual heritage. If you feel drawn to or compelled to own any of these pieces, whether as a group or individually, I encourage you to contact the current owner who is looking to sell the pieces to the right person(s). I myself have acquired a relic from the collection and could not be happier as it has helped me tremendously in my growth.

Please direct all inquiries to Michael Green

Michael also has regular offerings on eBay, but these most precious treasures are available for private sale only. If you are reading this it means you are privy to an opportunity to purchase these unique artifacts.


  1. I am interested in the signed photo of Master. It looks like a real photo signed by him. Can you confirm?
    If so, I would offer you $4000 for it.
    How did you come by it?
    Thank you very much for you consideration – I am very grateful.

  2. Samantha says

    Could you please send me more information on the pose photograph and its value?

  3. Hi jack, on the inner culture 1936-1937 , how many issue of magazines in hard bound far do you live from sandiego. How much will you take. Thank you.

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  5. Good afternoon
    I am interested in your item #3, the 229 issues of srf magazins. Questions: All Magazins complete (self contained, with all pages)? Which Magazins will be missed (264-229=35 in number)? How to proceed (paying how, sent to Switzerland / Europe under wich conditions)?
    Kind regards
    Dr. Hp. Staehli, Moehrlistrasse 58, CH 8006 Zuerich/Switzerland

  6. Margie says

    I have a third edition Autobiography but the dust cover looks like the one in your number 04, 05, and 06. Any way to verify which dust cover belongs to the 3rd edition?


    hi,i am interested in buying some early issues of East West magazine
    could you please contact me to discuss this many
    in divine friendship SHEILA

  8. And they crucified him. Dividing up his clothes, they cast lots to see what each would get. (Mark 15:24)

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