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An introduction to physical immortality

Physical immortality has been a dream to many for centuries. The Spanish sailed the world in search of the fountain of youth. People have been betrayed, and murdered just for a glimpse of the elixir of life. So is physical immortality possible?

That is the million dollar question. Most everyone wants it and yet we have no clue how to achieve it or if we can. Through out history there have been several approaches to try and gain immortality.

The Fountain of Youth
One of the most famous sought after, solutions for mortality is the fabled fountain of youth. Supposedly the legend started when Ponce De Leon, conquered Puerto Rico. He spent his life in pursuit of it. Yet he never found it. The fountain of youth recently regained its popularity in the film The Fountain The movie provides a very unique approach to the legend. Perhaps the most believable and realistic approach to the legend thus far. The fountain of youth has about the same credibility though as the tooth fairy, or the easter bunny.

Elixir Vitae
More popularly known as the elixir of life. The elixir of life is said to be made from the ground up philosopher’s stone. The legend of the elixir vitae says it grants physical immortality, but it must be imbibed every six months. The drinker of the elixir must also eat food periodically, not because they need it but to keep the stomach from shrinking. The elixir of life has also had brief mention in Hinduism. the elixir was often given as a gift to those worthy of immortality. The elixir in fact has never been proven to exist.

Nano Technology
The latest and perhaps most promising thus far, is achieving physical immortality with nano technology. The idea is that the nano bots can constantly repair and maintain your body so that you would never be ill, wounded. It is basically a body in perpetuity. The downside is the technology isn’t anywhere near advanced enough for this yet. The other problem is that this would pretty much guarantee that only the rich could be immortal. Leaving the poor left to die. This of course is in opposition to the popular theory that only the humble and spiritually pure are worthy of immortality.

Immortality Through God
One of the most commonly accepted theories is that we can achieve immortality through God. In the Christian belief system we can achieve spiritual immortality only through the belief and worship of Christ. Well if we are indeed spiritual then technically even if we go to hell we will still be immortal. It will just suck. In Hinduism and Taoism there are immortals. Babaji is believed by many to be an immortal yogi, he achieved his immortality through meditation and becoming one with the true source. Babaji is more than our definition of physical immortality though. Babaji’s “powers” extend to what many of would describe as a God. The nine Taoist immortals, also achieved there immortality through meditation and hermetic life styles.

Who is immortal now though? If you do a quick google search for physical immortality you will find many claiming to have the secret and stating they will in fact never die. Are they lieing? Well if they die then we know they weren’t immortal. So can we achieve physical immortality? It seems it is possible but not probable.


  1. “It seems it is possible but not probable.”

    Wise Words.

    But then the question becomes “Are there certain actions that I can take right now to increase my own probability to achieve physical immortality?” Things may not be as they seem to be on the surface-level only. Metaphors may suggest toward deeper perspectives, while conventional interpretations may do quite the contrary.

    I would highly suggest against any blind faith or believing the claims of others (even any claim that I may make).

    But I would strongly suggest experimentation & testing and the gathering of personal first-hand experience to explore exactly how you can increase your own probability to go beyond the limits of human mortality.

    Of course, that may require taking the “Red Pill”, as Morpheus would say! 😉

  2. I think that physical immortality is impossible, though i do believe that spiritual immortality is possible. When you die, if you believe in God, you will go to Heaven and live forever.

  3. François says

    Physical immortality is possible, but only if you believe in it. To make physical immortality possible, you have to believe in it and you have to have the strong will. ( A lot of meditation is also absolutely necessary) There are few immortals in our society, but the people in our society can’t notice them, i think the immortals are using their magical powers to hide from other people. Physical immortality really exists!!! It is not a lie!!! I personnaly believe 100 % that physical immortality is possible for those who believe in it and want to be it!!

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