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Advanced lucid dreaming, and ritual work

The longer one practices lucid dreaming the more they will start to find how incredibly realistic the dream world is. One of the more curious things about the dream world is the inability to read. If you have opportunity find yourself a book and begin to read. It is a next to impossible task as your brain can not process the lettering and structure properly. Of similar effect I am reminded of the reflection in a mirror. It is reversed, thus making it more difficult for us to process information; at least text.

When we learn the dream world operates separately from the physical we can start to learn the difference between dream time and our “real” time. This process of conscious lucid dreaming is a long path, but well worth it. In time you may even find yourself switching into other peoples’ dreams. That is a lesson long down the road. Instead we will talk about the potential of meditation and ritual in dream time.

The task of ritual first requires that you have the ritual memorized without flaw, as well as proper execution. Only when we have our ritual arts perfected can we start the mystical arts in the dream world. This is really an exercise in self-awareness and visualization more than it is a practice of mystic arts. However let the student of the mystical arts be warned; performing a ritual in the dream world or astral plane itself is akin to putting ten spotlights upon yourself.

When you find yourself in your dreams take a moment to study your surroundings. Find a place where you feel you can be isolated; ironic since you are already asleep. When you have found your spot you may begin your ritual.

“I had walked into an open green field. After briefly looking around I found myself as relaxed and comforted as if I were in a real meadow. I took a deep breath and a step forward. Grasping the dagger of air I began to inscribe the first pentagram in front of me. Visualizing the burning blue light as I cut practically rendered my mind in two.

It was such a difficult task to keep focused on the ritual and stay dreaming. For the ritual to be a success I had to maintain my composure. The slightest bit of excitement and I would fail. I uttered the first incantation, and turned to draw the next pentagram. With every thrust, and every word it grew more and more difficult to keep the dream world and ritual separate. Until finally on the fourth pentagram I finished the ritual and did the closing prayer. THis very moment was when the two halves of my mind melded together. I saw a glimpse of something more than myself. I reveled in it then I awoke. The ritual was a success.”

This account was the first ritual I attempted the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. It would not be the last time I did this either. By performing a ritual in my dreams I began to show the level of awareness and focus I was capable of. It was a new level which I had embarked upon. One that anyone can if they are able to stay sleeping. While I cannot say I would do the same thing now I will say that it is a memory I shall never soon forget.

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