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A simple Jedi mind trick

I try to avoid cliche references, but one of my favorite things to do is what some people refer to as a Jedi mind trick. Honestly it really isn’t that similar to the Jedi way but it can give us the upper hand. Before we begin we ask that you refer to our terms and conditions.

The success in the Jedi mind trick depends heavily upon our powers of observation and self-awareness. Assuming we have someone we wish to influence we must begin by paying careful attention to them and their actions. Watch the target’s breathing patterns, are they quick and shallow or are they steady and slow? We must also observe the pitch and tone of their voice along with their body language.

When we have a grasp of their movements and breathing patterns we can begin our mind trick. We begin by copying the target’s breathing pattern. We must do this very subtly or else the person may take notice and the gig is up. When we have emulated their breathing we then begin to copy their body motions. If they cross their arms we cross our arms. If they tap their foot we tap our foot. Again it is very important to do this subtly. Now we continue to copy their breathing patterns and body motions, but we must also start to emulate their pitch of voice. Once we have done all three of these successfully we can begin our mind trick.

Now that we are copying our target precisely we can uncross our arms and reposition them. Upon doing this we will notice our target copying us. This is our clue that we have their trust, and we will be more able to control them. Assuming our suggestion isn’t too far off topic we can now plant a small idea into their subconscious.
“I love the sound of blank playing guitar.”
Their reaction will also be yes I like it too, even if they didn’t. From the simple suggestion we now move to a more direct idea or thought. At this point since our target has been receptive to our body motions and simple suggestion a more complex one may be added.
“What did you say your phone number was? or How much were you going to discount this again?”

By pretending like the target already answered us we immediately set ourselves up for the positive response we want. This same principle is applied in fast food restaurants when the clerk asks us,
“What were you having to drink with that?”
By assuming the person already answered the question their response is usually to assume they did and too and answer your question. This is why the technique of up selling is so successful. Except the difference we have is that we have already gained our target’s trust by mimicking them. Because we have emulated our target’s breathing and body motions so well their subconscious begins to assume since we act like them that we must be pretty trustworthy so their social defenses become lowered. As we apply this approach more and more we may find that we don’t need to copy all three of a person’s body motions and just one will suffice. Overall we will typically have the most success using all three. While it isn’t the traditional Jedi command found in the movies it is still quite an effective way to manipulate people.

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  1. That’s pretty interesting, I’d like to try it out. I’m not one for the manipulation of individuals but I think learning these skills may help me understand others better and defend myself from such manipulation. In fact, after three days of watching Darren Brown, I’m so psyched that I just went ahead and ordered an NLP primer. Talk about being manipulated. 😉

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