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A compass that tells you what you want most

What do you want most right now? Do you want money, food, love, sex, or maybe immortality? Perhaps there are so many things that you want you can’t even begin to pick just one. Don’t worry you aren’t the only one. In today’s hectic society, we are all overwhelmed by the barrage of media, and stimuli that come at us. As years go bye this barrage seems to get more and more intense; and we slowly begin to lose sight of what we want versus what we need.

It is in these moments of overwhelming stimuli that we may sometimes need help. The goal of this activity is to enlist the aid of pendulum magic to show us what we desire most.

Materials we will need:
* a pendulum
* a pencil or pen
* 5 – 10 minutes alone
* a compass chart (download and print pdf)

Once we have all the materials ready, brainstorm for a few minutes about all the things you know you want. There are 8 spaces on the chart for you to fill in; you can add anything to the chart even variants on the same. For example, I want to learn a new foreign language so I will populate the eight fields with eight different languages.

Now I take my pendulum and I hold it over the black dot in the center of the compass. With the compass steady I ask myself this simple question. “What foreign language do I desire to learn the most?” Now the pendulum will begin to swing over or in the direction of the language I want to learn the most. In this instance it happens to be German.

Now I know what language I want to learn most but what good does that do me? I already knew I wanted to learn a foreign language. Actually, by asking my subconscious which language I wanted to learn most; I accomplished a few things. The first thing I did was take stress off of my subconscious. With the everyday stress of asking myself, “Oh, I want to learn a foreign language but which one? Maybe Latin; Japanese sounds intriguing…” since this question has been answered my mind has become that much more relaxed. The other benefit to knowing what I want most, is now I can take the necessary actions to get or fulfill that want. In my case it would be; I will start learning German. This same principal can be applied endlessly and to many different things.

So if you find this activity useful and see yourself doing it again: you may just want to color in the eight blocks and on a separate piece of paper write a corresponding key. So the first round could be a selection of basic wants and desires. The next round would then be more specific to our first want. This activity can be continued right down to the specific want or desire. Obviously everyone is going to have more than one want or desire at any given time. The compass simply allows us to gain clarity where we may have had none. By learning our true wants and desires we become one step closer to self-mastery.

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  1. Hi JackDirt. Nice application of divination to help us set some goals. I’ve submitted this post to the High Vibe It website and also tagged you for the ’5 ways I raise my vibration’ meme (but no pressure to participate, of course).

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