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A Chaos Magic Primer

Chaos magic is perhaps the paradigm of the old adage fake it until you make it. The principals and ideas of chaos magic follow very closely to the concepts of quantum physics. Peter Carroll founder of IOT (Illuminates of Thanateros) really gave popularity and interest to Chaos Magic.

“We left the mountain with no particular idea other than to form an Order such as had never existed before, that would break the existing mold and provide a vehicle for Chaos Magic.”

It would be foolish of me though, to leave out the contributions that Robert Anton Wilson has made to chaos magic. These two individuals are responsible for a critical new way of thinking and analysis.

Chaos Sphere

My first introduction to Chaos Magic was through a book known only as Liber KKK or Kaos Keraunos Kybernetos. The book does a great job at giving an introduction to setting the foundation of chaos magic. Along the same principals Robert Anton Wilson’s purported book principia discordia then would provide a valid philosophy to chaos magic. Although Carroll has had no formal dealings with R.A.W ; it would seem that the ideas both used in their work shared the same path.

The beauty of chaos magic is that as an individual becomes more aware and adept with themselves and even magic; you can literally do anything. There was a time where I experimented in summoning the persona of various cartoon characters as deities. Given a cartoon as the popular idol of the time; it seemed an appropriate avenue to pursue. After all things only have the power we give them. The success of summoning and interacting with the likes of Bugs Bunny, Roger Rabbit, and Pikachu were nothing short of bizarre. When an individual creates or participates in a ritual of chaos magic it is setting a simpler path for the subconscious to follow.

We identify what our symbology will be and thus the efficaciousness of chaos magic is more noticeable than traditional means. Don’t take my word for it try a simple exercise yourself.

The objective here will be to hold a conversation with our higher consciousness or holy guardian angel. They are one and the same. When you have time to yourself and you can sit quiet and uninterrupted do so. Get a en and a pad and sit comfortably. Now just start writing. Write the first thing that comes to mind. After about a few minutes of fluid writing, ask yourself a question. Amazingly you find a voice in your head answering the question. If you don’t get an answer at first write a question and start to answer it. Eventually your sub or super consciousness will kick in and finish the answer for you. The more often you do this exercise the sooner you will find you don’t even need a pen or pad. This exercise can be used to answer difficult questions and help you become a better you.

Why does this work? This exercise works upon the same principal as pendulum magic . It is utilizing what you already know. Our minds are incredibly powerful and are constantly absorbing information. Much of this information we are not even conscious of. The pen and pad allow our sub conscious to present us the hidden. While the ideas behind chaos magic may not represent modern psychology has; it certainly holds the same grounding principals that Carl Jung may have had.

* Principia Discordia
* Liber Kaos
* quantum psychology

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