Month: February 2008

Corporate mischief with servitors

Some time ago I wrote about how to create one’s own servitor . For those who don’t know what a servitor is allow me to explain.

A servitor is energy, is an idea, given form to carry out a task or goal. It is similar to a sigil in that it is a creation of the magician’s will. A servitor can best described as a magical servant or imaginary friend with function.

What can one do with a Servitor? A servitor can be assigned any number of tasks and it can represent any animal, person, or mythical creature. Servitors can be used to protect, find, help, or even hinder, any task you can think of the servitor can act as an aid to. In this activity we are going to use a large corporate mascot such as one big box store’s smiley face, or another fast food restaurant’s clown. Before proceeding with this activity one must have experience creating at least one servitor.

Nature Mysticism





A wave of Mysticism is passing over the civilised nations. It is welcomed by many: by more it is mistrusted. Even the minds to which it would naturally appeal are often restrained from sympathy by fears of vague speculative driftings and of transcendental emotionalism. Nor can it be doubted that such an attitude of aloofness is at once reasonable and inevitable. For a systematic exaltation of formless ecstasies, at the expense of sense and intellect, has a tendency to become an infirmity if it does not always betoken loss of mental balance. In order, therefore, to disarm natural prejudice, let an opening chapter be devoted to general exposition of aims and principles.

The subject is Nature Mysticism. The phenomena of “nature” are to be studied in their mystical aspects. The wide term Mysticism is used because, in spite of many misleading associations, it is hard to replace. “Love of nature” is too general: “cosmic emotion” is too specialised.

The origin of valentine’s day

Valentine’s day as we know it did not truly take off until the late 1800’s. A time when marketing and innovation truly began their birth. There were two noteworthy incidents that proved to be the catalyst for today’s Valentine’s day. The Cadbury brothers perfected their recipe for sweetened chocolate and offered it for sale in ornate velvet and mirrored boxes. The boxes were keepsakes even after the chocolate was gone. Besides the gifts of sweetened chocolates, the greeting card industry received it’s boon when Miss Esther Howland gifted the first known greeting card to commemorate Valentine’s day. Since her father owned a stationery store, sales rocketed.

Arbatel of Magick


To the unprejudiced Reader As the fall of man made himself and all other creatures subject to vanity; so, by reason thereof, the most noble arid excellent Arts wherewith the Rational soul was indued, are by the rusty canker of Time brought unto Corruption. For Magick itself, which the ancients did so divinely contemplate, is scandalized with bearing the badge of all diabolical sorceries: which Art (saith Mirandula) Pauci intelligunt, multi reprehendunt, & sicut canes ignotos semper allatrant: Few understood, many reprehend, and as dogges barke at those they know not: so doe many condemn and hate the things they understand not. Many men there are, that abhor the very name and word Magus, because of Simon Magus, who being not Magus, but Goes, that is, familiar with evil Spirits, usurped that Title. But Magicke and Witchcraft are far differing Sciences; whereof Pliny1 being ignorant, scoffeth thereat: for Nero (saith Pliny) who had the most excellent Magicians of the East sent to him by Tyridates king of Armenia, who held that kingdom by him, found the Art after long study and labour altogether ridiculous. Now Witchcraft and Sorcery, are works done merely by the devil, which with respect unto some covenant made with man, he acteth by men his instruments, to accomplish his evil ends: of these, the histories of all ages, people and countries, as also the holy Scriptures, afford us sundry examples.