Month: May 2007

Burn of a phoenix ritual

I looked out across the ocean. I could not help but feel alone. If you have ever been far out to sea, you will understand that feeling of isolation and dread you get from staring at miles of ocean in all directions. Some people take comfort in that kind of isolation. It is in these moments, much like staring out into space that I can see through this thin veil called reality.

Staring at the seemingly endless blue water, i could not help but wonder if anyone would notice if I fell off the boat. Eventually they would, but they would never find what was left of me. Never have I had opportunity in such a simple moment to ponder what it is like to fall off the edge of reality. The endless beyond is much like staring into the endless ocean. It is only a thin veil that separates us from joining the two.

In Greek mythology it was believed that the dead could hear the thoughts of the living. Has this been dis-proven? No, we can neither confirm nor deny such an allegation. When faced with death or the thought of it many of us seem too stunned at the limitless expanse and endless implications of dying. Is death really all that terrifying? It is something we must all face eventually and to ignore its possibility is just asinine. When we are alone we are finally at touch with our true selves. I don’t just mean alone with our technological comforts I mean alone with our thoughts. Maybe next time we think of or deceased loved ones we can hear them talking back.

Long road to taking responsibility

People want little to do with the influence of the lives of one another. Selfishness and the basic instinct of self preservation plays strongly in determining what most people do. What do you do when you see someone in danger? Do you call for help? Do you help? Or maybe you are like most people. You just look away. After all, out of sight out of mind.

Is this how people with the ability to think and reason should act? I would say no. I would say we are given our intellect and awareness for the benefit of everyone. If I see someone lying on the street I do whatever I can to help. Even if it is just waiting for an EMT to arrive. Why is it then that so many people cower under the responsibility of their free will? How can so many of us consider ourselves to be “good people”, when we don’t even hesitate to ignore a problem.


There is no doubt that many people have heard of the magic word Abracadabra. Many people have even heard that Abracadabra was once more than a magician’s parlor trick, hocus pocus word. If any one has done even a small amount of research to learn about the magic word; one may learn that the word has different etymological origins, ranging from hebrew to Armenia. No one is really sure though how it came to be. Abracadabra was actually written as a talisman of magical power. The talisman would be depicted as so


It was believed that by writing the word in decreasing to increasing letters it would aid in the efficaciousness of the talisman. The talisman was said to be worn around the neck and it would help cure disease. This was originally stated by Serenus Samonicus a roman medical physician.