Month: April 2007

A Chaos Magic Primer

Chaos magic is perhaps the paradigm of the old adage fake it until you make it. The principals and ideas of chaos magic follow very closely to the concepts of quantum physics. Peter Carroll founder of IOT (Illuminates of Thanateros) really gave popularity and interest to Chaos Magic.

“We left the mountain with no particular idea other than to form an Order such as had never existed before, that would break the existing mold and provide a vehicle for Chaos Magic.”

It would be foolish of me though, to leave out the contributions that Robert Anton Wilson has made to chaos magic. These two individuals are responsible for a critical new way of thinking and analysis.

Chaos Sphere

Lesson 5 in Gnosticism: The Dimensions

As transcribed to me by a teacher of the mystic arts.

Today we will talk about some of the different dimensions that exist in the universe. The dimensions exist everywhere at the same time, without getting mixed. They are of different “density” with the Physical dimension having the biggest density, the crudest matter. All of the dimensions can be visited using special techniques. This subject is only trying to give a brief overlook, so details will be skipped.

1. The Physical world. It is called the third dimension, because it
is the base of the three dimensions, Length, Height and Width.
There are 48 different divine Laws that control every physical
object, such as gravity and distance.

2. The Vital world. Time has its base in this dimension. If we look
at the famous Bermuda Triangle, it is to this dimension the
missing objects and people go. Flying is possible there, so one
could take the physical body up in the Vital dimension, and there
transport the physical body great distances, and then finally
return to the physical world, on a totally different place. This
is a popular way of transport by Black Magicians, or Black Jinas.
From this comes the old “Witches can fly”. However, White Jinas
use this method as well. There is a higher and a lower part of the
Vital world. Normally the lower part is visited. There are 36
divine Laws that control this dimension.

Hypnotists are not allowed!

I have been a member of many “Secret Societies” and illuminated organizations. One thing remained a constant with all of them, in order to be a member you were not allowed to be a Hypnotist. It was not until years after I’d left these organizations that I began to understand why. Before we continue we need to define what a hypnosis is. According to the dictionary

“hypnosis |hipˈnōsis| noun the induction of a state of consciousness in which a person apparently loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction. Its use in therapy, typically to recover suppressed memories or to allow modification of behavior by suggestion, has been revived but is still controversial. • this state of consciousness.”

Sexual Transmutation Does it Work?

Recently one of our visitors wrote in asking for advice on Samael Aun Weor’s sexual transmutation; and how to successfully achieve it. Samael detailed tantric sex and sexual transmutation in his book The Mystery of the Golden Blossom . The book details the words to meditate upon during intercourse. It also speaks of not spilling ones seed during sex. The book is a very intriguing read but I have to say after following its instruction for over three years I can safely say it didn’t deliver as promised.

Before I delve further into the spiritual studies I will answer the rest of our reader’s questions.

“Is sexual intercourse as performed by most people to be defined as something “bad” or “evil”?”

Well, the answer all depends upon the circumstances. The act of sex is neither good nor evil. Sexual intercourse can only be determined evil when we assign our own social stigmas to it. The exception would be the intent of act though. If an individual pursues their sexual desires in a malicious manner then yes it is evil. However if the two individuals are happily in love with each other then the act of copulation becomes a positive thing.