Month: March 2007

Stanislav Szukalski

I wish I could say this man needed no introduction but his work has gone virtually unnoticed for several decades. Only recently has his work started to get recognition again. Stanislav, now has admirers such as the band members of Tool, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Glenn Bray. Stanislav grew up in Poland and his artistic talent instantly made him a child prodigy. He was Poland’s greatest artist, until World War 2 came and the war destroyed every remnant of his work. Stanislav and his wife moved to California and he continued to make his art. With a much smaller circle of fans now he was not able to live a lavish life.

Lesson 1 in Gnosticism

Today we will talk about what Gnosis is, and what you can expect in the future lessons. Gnosis, which is an old Greek word roughly, means “inner knowledge” or “wisdom”. This knowledge cannot be written down or be told to others, since it is a knowledge attained by experience. When we experience something we call it the knowledge of the heart, with the opposite being the knowledge you read or hear from others, the knowledge of the mind. An example: If a person has read a hundred books about mountain climbing, he could claim that he indeed knows very much about mountain-climbing. But a second person that has actually climbed a single mountain knows a lot more. This is because the first person only has theoretical knowledge (of the mind (mental)), when the second has practical knowledge (of the heart). Gnosis means practical knowledge.

You aren’t that lucky

I have encountered far too many people that are too eager to believe the improbable. Wether they believe in haunted houses, psychic phenomena , or that they are the reincarnation of a God. One thing is for certain, while anything is possible it doesn’t make it probable.

I am the reincarnated soul of Leonardo Da Vinci! Yes, you and five other people I have met this week. Now you can’t all be Leonardo Da Vinci, and I highly doubt, assuming reincarnation is possible, that Leonardo Da Vinci would even come back to this place. Leonardo Da Vinci was a very adept artist engineer and rosicrucian. Just because you may have read a few books on magic and saw the Da Vinci Code it does not make you Leonardo Da Vinci.

It is a common mistake of many young eager and over imaginative persons to think that they are special or somehow different than everyone else. I hate to be the harbinger of reality but you aren’t that lucky. Even if I give you the benefit of the doubt and assume just for one moment in a past life you were some great soul, what are you now. If you were so special then what are you doing now, and do you really think the reincarnated soul of Leonardo Da Vinci would be working at McDonalds? I mean yes maybe as a manager, but a line chef?