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10 ways to change your life

Many times we are over-run with doubt and concern and we wish we were anyone but ourselves. Well here are ten ways to start turning your life around. These ten things will make life a little more interesting.

Write a story
For many of us once we left school it was the last time we ever wrote. Let alone write a story. If you need help getting started open a dictionary and pick three random words to use in the story.

Kiss a member of the opposite sex
I am not talking about making out with a member of the opposite sex. Just a peck on the cheek will do. You may be surprised at the reaction.

Never prayed before? Say a simple prayer of thanks and appreciation for what you have. Ask for guidance in your coming life events. Prayer at the very least takes weight and pressure off your subconscious so you can continue with your day to day life.

Turn off your computer or television
Get off the computer, or stop watching television for one day a week. Go do something you normally wouldn’t with that time.

Read a book
Reading is an often neglected thing and much insight can be gained from a day’s worth of reading. I have never found a day wasted by reading a book.

Learn something new
Take a class on something that has always interested you. Get a how to guide and learn it front to back.

Go to bed early and get up early
Change your routine. Go to bed earlier and get up earlier, this will give you a chance to experience life from a different perspective.

Pretend you are a super hero for a day
See how the world is different if you had a super power. Well if I had super strength I could do this.

Admit to a problem you didn’t cause
I don’t mean global events, I mean small things that people normally would not associate you with.

Change your wardrobe
Nothing changes your personality more than a completely different wardrobe. It may not be practical but it is effective.

The importance of following this list isn’t necessarily the execution of it; but the mental effects it will have on you. When we look outside our comfort zone we will start to change our approach and become better at our daily tasks. By jarring the conscious and subconscious we show that it is never too late for change and we can more easily adapt when a stressful situation appears.

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